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Maison Bruyère, a family biscuit story since 1964. Come share our passion...

Maison Bruyère is an artisan cookie factory and our savoir-faire is preciously kept. Everyday we confection quality recipes so that every food lover can find a cookie that resembles him or her: crunchy, melting, crispy, light, intense, soft, comforting, old fashioned, crumbly...

Maison Bruyère was able to take a new look at some traditional recipes but we are also offering a full range of fine cookies and biscuits: sweet or savory, confectioned with nothing but simple, healthy, premium and natural ingredients.

The Product

We have selected seven of our best seller cookies to offer you with a complete range of flavors and textures.
Croquants Noisettes
Macrons Abricot Vanille
Fondants Citron
Biscuits Amandes Citron
Croustillants Caramel au Beure Salé
Croustillants À La Violette De Toulouse
Croquants De Cordes

Authentic Natural Ingredients

Flour, one of our main ingredients, is provided by a family owned flour mill, located a few steps away from our factory.
Sugar is grown in France.
Egg whites come from free range chicken.
Flavors and aromas we use are all natural. We do not use any coloring agent or preservative.

Croquants from Cordes

The elders say that Mrs Bordes, tenant of a local tavern, secretly created the recipe. The Croquant has been described in so many different ways, sometimes as prestigious as for wine. Depending on the batches, we say that it shines, it contains body and character or it reveals such a brightness.

The Croquant can be delicate, royal or young. Its taste withholds mistery: it’s the miraculous baking process where the dough threefolds and moves like magma. Sugar caramelizes, egg whites bubble like lava and turn into crystal, and almonds bring the final touch to harmonize the flavors. The perfect Croquant from Cordes should let the light shine through...

Contact Maison Bruyère

ZA La Bouissounade
A68 / Sortie n°10
81150 LAGRAVE - France
Tel. +33 (0)5 63 81 19
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