Our Concept

The concept of Atelier Premier is based on a cooperation between father and son. Father takes care of the production of the premium artisan products and the son (Jean-Baptiste) takes care of the distribution. The channels of distribution are  our own vending machines, where you can buy our delicacies 24/7, and specialized premium food stores.

Atelier stands for the craftmanship, the most important bases of these delicate artisan chocolates and biscuits. Premier stands for the quality, because only the best natural ingredients are being used. All products come in very attractive packaging reflecting the heritage of the brands.

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All the products are made in our own Ateliers by our  craftmen, following the old traditional recipes and production methods. We only use the best ingredients, such as sustainable chocolate, butter and free range eggs. Love and dedication together with these top ingredients result in very unique premium products.

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Caluwé Artisan

Vending machines on several locations.

You will find our vending machines on several locations. As we are open 24/7, it is the ideal place to buy your last-minute present directly from the producer. You will find us in hospitals, train stations, service stations and other very busy locations.